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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my pet passes away at home?


If it is during office hours you can take your deceased pet to your veterinary office and discuss disposal options or call Broward Pet Cemetery during office hours and we will make arrangements with you to pick your pet up from your home or your veterinary hospital.

What can I do if my pet passes away after office hours or in the evening?

Unfortunately, animal remains rapidly deteriorate after death. Therefore, we suggest that you wrap your pet in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer. If your pet is too large, place him or her in an ice chest. In the morning, call your veterinarian or Broward Pet Cemetery for disposal options.

Can I bury my pet in my backyard?



Yes, if there are no local ordinances stating you can’t. Always remember, however, if you decide to move, it will be difficult to exhume your pet. Broward Pet Cemetery is the ideal place for perpetuity.

How do I reach Broward Pet Cemetery to discuss cremation or burial services?




Office Hours are 9am to 4pm Monday-Friday and Weekends by appointment . If you wish to meet with us, please schedule an appointment by calling (954) 476-0743. After-hour and weekend calls will be returned as soon as possible. Emergency services are available.

Do you offer pick-up service?



Yes. Please contact us for pricing.

How do I know the ashes I receive are my pets?




All deceased pets are identified with a name tag and disclosure card from the time they leave your vet’s office or your home and are delivered to our office. We only do private cremations at our cemetery. Only one person handles each pet. This person collects the pet’s ashes and places them in a bag tagged with the pet’s name, owner’s name and vet hospital. The cremains are later placed in an urn or handled as requested.

Can I view the cremation of my pet?




Yes, but there is viewing fee and an appointment must be made in advance.

Can I choose my own gravesite at the cemetery?




We have certain areas open in the cemetery and within these areas we have sections that you can choose from. However, we try to bury the pets sequentially.

When can I visit my pet’s gravesite?




Cemetery grounds are open daily during daylight hours.

Will the cemetery be around 10 years from now?




Yes. The land is recorded in the Plantation city records as a pet cemetery.

How soon will my ashes be returned?




Most cremains are returned within 7 to 14 days to the veterinary hospitals or sooner if brought directly to the cemetery. Extra time is sometimes needed to order special urns or to perform customization.

What payment methods do you accept for services?




Broward Pet Cemetery accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We also take local checks with proper identification.

Is Broward Pet Cemetery licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by the City of Plantation, Broward County and the State of Florida. We are also inspected yearly by the DPR Air Control Division.