About The Cemetery

Our cemetery is permanently recorded in the Plantation City Ordinance. This means that our pet cemetery will always be a pet cemetery. Broward Pet Cemetery was founded in 1967. The cemetery was established  in 1986 by Dr. E. E. Seiler, a veterinarian who realized the importance of providing pet owners with a beautiful resting place for their faithful companions. 

In 2012 the cemetery was sold to the Temkin family (Randy, Julie, Jordan and Elizabeth) who own and operate Broward Pet Cemetery. 

About Us

Randy Temkin, President has over 40 years of experience in the pet industry. His passion and dedication to being of service to veterinary clients and pet owners brought him and his family to where they are today.

Jordan Temkin, Vice President of Operations has been a part of the family business from a young age, working summers and learning from Randy all along the way. Jordan has over 16 years of experience in the pet loss industry and is the veterinary services specialist and General Manager of Broward Pet Cemetery. 

Elizabeth Temkin, Vice President of Family Services. Beth has been working at the cemetery since 2012, she will assist your family with anything you may need. From making appointments, designing headstones, to receiving your  pet for cremation or burial, Elizabeth will provide you the care and compassion you and your family deserve..