Burial Services

Realizing that personal preferences vary, we have options. For those who choose to bury their pets, we offer three options for burials, from a very simple Green / Country Burial to our Formal Burial. Whatever you choose, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Country Burial

Green Burial / Country Burial

The Country Burial option is our simplest and most economical burial option and serves as an alternative to cremation. The country burial is a direct return to the earth in a special section of our cemetery. There is no casket, no service, or any individual markers of any kind. There is also no annual maintenance fee. Prices for this service begin at $235 and is dependent upon the size of the pet.

We have several options of memorializing your pet if you choose our country burial option. Please contact us for more details.

Standard Burial

The standard burial option is much like a burial for humans. You would be able to select an available plot, and prices include a casket, chapel viewing and graveside service, the first year's annual maintenance fee, a temporary marker to help you become acquainted with your site, and all of our other professional services. 

A granite memorial marker may be purchased at any later time to be placed on your pet's site.



Formal Burial

The formal burial is everything included in our standard burial and also includes: an upgraded casket, pick up of your pet within Broward county, flowers for the service, and a basic granite memorial marker for your pet which we help you design by appointment.