Cremation is the most common method of post-life care for pets and for humans. The process for pets is very similar to the process for humans. We offer several different options to accommodate your needs. If you have additional questions or would like to make arrangements, please call us.

Private Cremation

Individual cremation is when your pet is cremated by itself and your pets cremated remains are returned to you. Prices begin at $175 and is dependent upon the weight of your pet. A temporary cremains container is provided at no extra charge. See our store page for additional urn options.


We provide communal cremation with no return of remains. The cost of this service begins at $75 and is dependent upon the weight of the pet. 

Viewing Services

If you would like to be present for your pet's cremation, and/or view your pet being placed into our crematory, this is arranged by appointment and has an additional charge. Please contact us for more details.

Internment Of Cremated Remains

For those families who may wish to have their pet's remains kept on our grounds we offer several different options. Internment in our Memorial Wall, our Memorial Garden or simple scattering of remains.

Memorial Wall

Internment of your pet or pets' remains in our memorial wall. Includes custom a bronze memorial plaque for memorializing your pet or pets. One space may be able to accommodate several urns.

Memorial Garden

Our memorial garden is in the same area as our memorial wall. This space is intended for one urn. Included is a custom granite memorial marker.


If you wish to have your pet's remains scattered on our property we have a special section to accommodate that.