Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to receive my pet's ashes after a cremation?

A.Most cremains are returned within 7 to 14 days (or sooner). Extra time is sometimes needed to order special urns or to perform customization.

Q. Why can't I be present or know of the exact location for my pet's Country Burial?

A. We keep our country burial section clear of any and all markers except for our memorial signs. Because owners who have been present in the past did not respect this, we have unfortunately required that no service be performed for our country burial option. 

Q. What happens if someone wants to buy the cemetery and later build over it? 

A. While this is not entirely impossible, it's only shy of impossible   The land is recorded in the Plantation City records as a pet cemetery, and the necessary steps to change the deed restrictions, zoning and land use would be very cost ineffective for someone to otherwise change this property to anything other than a pet cemetery.


Q.  What is an annual maintenance fee?

A. To ensure the upkeep of the grounds, as well as an owner's interest in the site, we charge an annual maintenance fee. Currently this fee is $125 per year for Standard or Formal burials. For our Memorial Wall or Memorial Garden the cost is $75 per year.


Q. What happens if I no longer wish to pay, or am no longer able to pay, my annual maintenance?

A. Maintenance statements are mailed annually. Failure to pay results in your plot reverting back to Broward Pet Cemetery and will be made available to future customers. It is very important that you make sure that we have notice of any address changes, so that you will always receive your statements.

Q. Do you have an option for permanent occupancy / perpetual care?

A. Yes, currently the cost for permanent occupancy / perpetual care is $1750. This is a one time payment and no other annual maintenance fees will be billed. The site is yours to use for as long as the cemetery exists. You would have exclusive rights to the use of your site in perpetuity.


Q. How much space do you have left?

A. We have an abundance of space available on our property. We will be able to accommodate new pets for generations to come.


Q.  Can I bring my other pets with me to visit?

A. Of course! As long as you keep your pets leashed and pick up after any accidents, all creatures are welcome onto our grounds.